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B & A Implemented Grant-Writing workshops in March 2018 at the Pearson Community Center out of a growing community need expressed by non-profit administrators. 2020 marked our 3rd year, and participants' evaluations from previous years were great. We suspended the workshops in 2021 due to the covid pandemic. We currently provide Zoom classes by arrangement. Once we start up the in-person classes again, it will be posted here and on our Facebook page.  For more information, email us at

Sessions are $30 per person (Prepaid by PayPal, Zelle or Cash App).


A well-written grant proposal is the key to any grant application. Grant proposals have to be complete, simple and brief. A solid grant proposal should have all the necessary information about the proposed project or service. Funding agencies depend on the grant proposal to assist them in determining which, of many competitors, will receive funding.

Knowing and understanding its importance, classes will explain in detail all the components of a grant proposal as well as how to submit a grant application.

Most people who are interested in grants usually put the cart before the horse in that they don't realize that they either 1) need to have an eligible organization and 2) that most granting agencies only fund nonprofits. Hence, we added nonprofit classes to our services.

Each class covers different topics, but in order to attain a complete understanding of grant-writing or forming and managing a nonprofit, all sessions are required, unless you already have some experience or knowledge in this subject matter.


With that said, participants will not become grant-writing or nonprofit experts by taking these classes, but they will be taking a big step in getting there. Nothing substitutes for time and experience.

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